Our solution

Bridging the interoperable gap

with cross-company workflow collaboration

Caelum is a blockchain solution for cross-company workflow orchestration, to solve the propensity for conflicting records between companies, that lead to disputes, delays, and unplanned costs that are the usual problems encountered when collaboration processes span the enterprise boundary.

Our software uses a distributed ledger layer to orchestrate business processes beyond the own company boundaries, allowing the creation of cross-organisational workflows and wider ecosystems amongst suppliers, customers, regulators and auditors.

Caelum provides the foundational business logic to automate business processes and enable digital assets, decentralized applications, and payments

Caelum Ecosystems : Building Blocks

Verifiable Credentials

Our business process machine can wrap any verifiable credential to use it in any company workflow, making it usable and automatically verifiable everywhere.


Bridges the gap between the organization business applications and the cloud-based workflow – facilitating the interoperability of different enterprise systems. A new layer to connect legacy systems.

Privacy Solutions

We care about privacy and user data so we are focused on developing solutions based on zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), complex cryptography and secure end to end peer to peer communications, encoding from peers and channels too.

Multi-party process automation

It triggers local workflows in the target enterprise to complete the task and register the outcome in the shared ledger, for the originating company to pick up, transfer back into their own workflow, and act accordingly. In essence, the technology is providing a kind of event-message-trigger-respond protocol amongst partner organisations on the DLT network.

Data Exchange and privacy

The solution acts as a decentralized, extra-organizational middleware layer, facilitating consistent data exchange with privacy and intercompany workflows.

Immutability and traceability

Immutability and private and secure access, and hence provides an irrefutable log of process requests and actions, more readily available for transparent inspection or audit when required. It's also better suited to decentralised relationships, where there is not an authority acceptable to all parties.


A New Era for B2B Process Automation

Blockchain technology can be used to drive operational efficiencies and reduce the cost of multi-party collaboration through process automation on decentralized systems. According to IDC, 30+% of participants in any given multi-party process are unable to take advantage of productivity and automation available to companies with large IT departments. This often results in multi-party processes that are managed in a highly manual fashion and prone to double entries and operational risk that require manual reconciliation. These types of errors are commonplace and corrections can cost $100 or more to resolve each time. Caelum is leveraging blockchain technology to streamline business process automation in a secure, private, and confidential manner without exposing ANY data.

Large corporations and financial institutions face numerous challenges while coordinating projects with their affiliates. Traditional systems require frequent data reconciliation and are costly to maintain, often resulting in human error, manipulation, and potential for fraud. This is where Caelum comes in.


Analysis and research

  • Analysis of needs
  • Process detection
  • Risk analysis

Design and planning

  • Development planning
  • Development using agile and scrum methodologies
  • Constant availability for the customer
  • Documentation development


  • Ecosystem deployment
  • Testing
  • Integration


  • Support with code delivery and training.
  • Possibility of development of new phases and functionalities.

Across Industries

Companies and organizations of any sector can benefit from the possibilities offered by Blockchain and its competitive advantages such as more efficiency, transparency, cost reduction and new ways of collaboration.

Some of the scenarios in which we are working with our clients:

Public administration

  • Secure user-centered identity systems
  • Collaboration between institutions
  • Document certification using international standards
  • Easy transition to paperless administration.


  • Intelligent electric charging systems
  • Regulation of car access in urban environments
  • Easy to deploy sharing economy platforms
  • Payments conditioned to the characteristics of the occupants


  • Simplification of processes between the parties and the regulator.
  • Streamline workflows between the user and the company.



  • Fraud detection Workflows
  • Easy and inexpensive onboarding of users and KYC & AML
  • GDPR compliant models by default
  • Cost savings in processes and transactions

Logistics and supply chain

  • Easy collaboration among various actors
  • Automation of supply chain processes among all the actors in the chain
  • Transparency throughout the process
  • Data verification in origin and destination
  • Creation of secure channels for sending information

Other scenarios

Do you have any other scenarios? We can bring our solution as a service and cut the development times and costs.

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