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Interoperable Workflows on Blockchain

Building a next-gent solution for greater interoperability, traceability, and transparency in multi-party collaborations, without losing privacy,  protecting data and fully secure.

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Caelum is a blockchain solution for cross-company workflow orchestration, to solve the propensity for conflicting records between companies, that lead to disputes, delays, and unplanned costs that are the usual problems encountered when collaboration processes span the enterprise boundary.

We are using a distributed ledger layer to orchestrate business processes beyond the own company’s boundaries, allowing the creation of cross-organizational workflows and wider ecosystems amongst suppliers, customers, regulators, and auditors. It bridges the gap between the organization’s business applications and the cloud-based workflow – facilitating the interoperability of different enterprise systems.



Our solution

Verifiable Credentials

Our business process machine can wrap any verifiable credential to use it in any company workflow, making it usable and automatically verifiable everywhere.


Bridges the gap between the organization business applications and the cloud-based workflow – facilitating the interoperability of different enterprise systems. A new layer to connect legacy systems.

Privacy Solutions

We care about privacy and user data so we are focused on developing solutions based on zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), complex cryptography and secure end to end peer to peer communications, encoding from peers and channels too.

Multi-party process automation

It triggers local workflows in the target enterprise to complete the task and register the outcome in the shared ledger, for the originating company to pick up, transfer back into their own workflow, and act accordingly. In essence, the technology is providing a kind of event-message-trigger-respond protocol amongst partner organisations on the DLT network.

Data Exchange and privacy

The solution acts as a decentralized, extra-organizational middleware layer, facilitating consistent data exchange with privacy and intercompany workflows.

Immutability and traceability

Immutability and private and secure access, and hence provides an irrefutable log of process requests and actions, more readily available for transparent inspection or audit when required. It's also better suited to decentralised relationships, where there is not an authority acceptable to all parties.

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