About us

Caelum Labs is much more than a service and decentralized development company. We believe that through these technologies we can create new models of society and business.

Our mission is to help creating better companies and organizations using decentralized technologies to adapt to new market opportunities, the needs of an increasingly collaborative and intelligent world as well as to streamline any of its processes. Always, with a clear focus on security and privacy.


We want to create a new paradigm of companies and institutions that put collaboration at the center of economic activity.


We are working with several partners to bring digital trust anchored ecosystems to bring decentralized identification and reputation on top of automated workflows.


Through our software companies can save on costs and improve the integration of existing systems-of-record without any changes to existing applications. Connecting multiple systems across several institutions to create a unified business process lifecycle.

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Expertise and approach

More than 30 years of tech development and 9 years of blockchain development. A team of different professional profiles to address your needs from different perspectives.

Innovation & research

Our software is based on the latest tested and resistant technology. We believe that innovation is key so we have a consistent roadmap of features to be released.

Production Ready

Our solution is production ready and can be deployed in days. We have a documented SDK so integrators can use it to develop their solutions. We have a strong customer support to help our clients and partners to achieve their goals.