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We have the commitment to grow the decentralized scene in Barcelona. We contribute to the community with open source code, organizing meetups and events, and coordinating courses in Universities.

Our technical meetups want to make decentralized technologies more accessible and boost the community in Barcelona.

Explore DeFi with Aave: learn how to earn on your digital assets

Money should never sleep! Discover how you can decide what your finance looks like and earn interest on your crypto assets.

Workshop: Digital Content Privacy using Ethereum + IPFS

You will learn how to use smart contracts to manage the exchange of data. This technology can be used for many use cases such as creating a decentralized NetFlix or for managing personal information in self-sovereign applications.

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When COVID 19 arrives we open a crowdcast channel to bring workshops and meetups from blockchain projects around the world.

Hello Decentralization

We partnered with Hello Decentralization event to bring the best line up of speakers to their amazing deep code blockchain event.

We are pleased to partner with community projects, if you are one of those contact us.

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