Our services

Blockchain solutions

We develop blockchain-based technologies for innovative and collaborative and/or these seeking efficiencies in their processes and cost reduction. We design customized projects using blockchain and other decentralized technologies.


We work on the conceptualization and development of economic models based on decentralized technologies. As well as in the creation of tokenization platforms of any asset.

Self sovereign identity (SSI)

We are specialists in the development of solutions and in the implementation of secure, decentralized identity models that respect the privacy of users. An ethical identity model following international standards that facilitates collaboration.

Smart contracts

We program and implement smart contracts for the execution, automation and management of any type of process. In total compliance with the European regulation.

Wallets and dApps

We create customized wallets for the storage and certification of digital and physical assets. As well as decentralized applications for any use.

Training and consulting

We understand training as one of the bases of our project. From there, we facilitate an understanding of technology that allows us to discover which processes of your organization could be improved by applying blockchain.


Working with us

In Caelum Labs, we understand the technological development as a process to help, facilitate and make processes more efficient

We are an interdisciplinary team of programmers, experts in marketing, business, user experience (UX / UI), digital identity, economic models as well as expert lawyers in the digital field.

Working with us you will not feel alone. We will accompany you throughout the process, from understanding the blockchain technology, detecting processes and innovation opportunities in planning, execution and new phases of the project.

Using Blockchain and other technologies we can help you be more competitive and take advantage of new market opportunities.

We can make possible what you imagine and what you still can not imagine.


Analysis and research

  • Analysis of needs
  • Process detection
  • Risk analysis
  • Choice of technologies

Design and planning

  • Development planning
  • Development using agile and scrum methodologies
  • Constant availability for the customer
  • Documentation development


  • Project launch
  • Testing
  • Issues and errors fixes


  • Support with code delivery and training.
  • Possibility of development of new phases and functionalities.

Across Industries

Companies and organizations of any sector can benefit from the possibilities offered by Blockchain and its competitive advantages such as more efficiency, transparency, cost reduction and new ways of collaboration.

Some of the scenarios in which we are working with our clients:

Public administration

  • Secure user-centered identity systems
  • Collaboration between institutions
  • Document certification using international standards
  • Easy transition to paperless administration.


  • Intelligent electric charging systems
  • Regulation of car access in urban environments
  • Easy to deploy sharing economy platforms
  • Payments conditioned to the characteristics of the occupants


  • Tokenization of energy for more efficient management
  • Implementation of prosumer energy models
  • Simplification of processes between the parties and the regulator


  • Tokenization of any type of asset
  • Easy and unexpensive onboarding of users and KYC & AML
  • GDPR compliant models by default
  • Cost savings in processes and transactions

Logistics and supply chain

  • Easy collaboration among various actors
  • Automation of supply chain processes among all the actors in the chain
  • Transparency throughout the process
  • Data verification in origin and destination
  • Creation of secure channels for sending information

Other scenarios

Do you have any other scenario?

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